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Welcome to Steven Bosdijk's home-page or :

The Renault Rambler pages, based in The Netherlands.

Yes it looks like an AMC Rambler Classic '65 and actually it is but since it was assembled by the Renault plant at Vilvoorde in Belgium it's official name is "Renault Rambler". These pages are dedicated to one of those Renault Ramblers: maybe a not so very well known cooperation between AMC and Renault in the sixties. I own this car since 1997 and restored it using information and parts from lots of people associated with AMC and Rambler clubs from all over the world, and the Renault club of  The Netherlands. Through these pages I'm also hoping to get in touch with other owners of these cars. All information on these pages is "as far as I know" since information on Renault Ramblers is hard to come by.

Please send your comment to:  Steven(at)unet.nl - replace the (a) by the at sign

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