eComStation 1.2 folder colors example 51Shades creates a customized (small) 24-bits color pallette template. The created TGA file can be used as a copy & paste source for (a part of) another image, like an icon without a classic VGA look. Usage example parameters are "FCFCFC A19857 64". That's the RGB color range of eComStation 1.2's folder icons, size 64x64 pixels. Such an image can be seen here.

Download 51SHADES.ZIP (2 KiB)

MCD is a combination of the OS/2-commands MD and CD.

Download MCD10.ZIP (1 KiB)

ShowSub displays the .SUBJECT EA of a single file, so the WPS doesn't have to be used to obtain a copyable value which may have been set by, for example, Firefox. Long filenames and wildcards are supported.

Download SHOWSUB10.ZIP (1 KiB)

Search in all directories, on all available local and remote drives, for files which match the specified filename pattern.

Download TBSEARCH.ZIP (2 KiB)

Send a given number of lines from a source file to an output device, for example to check if a backup has successfully completed, without having to read the whole logfile. Only the specified last number of lines of the source file are send to the output device (filename, regular device name or UNC). Empty lines in the source file will always be skipped.

Download TBSTRIP.ZIP (2 KiB)

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