Derive original data used in line graphs from PCX (1bpp) and TGA (1bpp, 8bpp) files by graph digitizing (OCR for line graphs), version 1.4.8. Includes support for color images, cropping and the capability to process other graph types like bar charts and pie charts. It requires just 4 steps to convert a line graph to data, assuming the quality of the original line graph is good enough and the real highest and lowest values are known:

Download PCX2PRN148.ZIP (130 KiB)

What's the dot? window What's the dot? is a PM wrapper for PM DLL (version 2.12). The directory of a selected DLL or EXE becomes PM DLL's working directory. This may avoid false error messages of PM DLL, like A:\FOO.EXE not being able to find its A:\FOO.DLL, depending on the setup of the system. Full drag & drop support, drop a file to open it with PM DLL, or click on the drop zone to open a file dialog.

PM DLL offers an alternative way to set another working directory: menu Options, Current directory...

Download WHATISTHEDOT12.ZIP (11 KiB)

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